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"How Things Panned Out For Tillie"

      The race for riches in Territorial Montana yielded unexpected rewards for six strangers tossed into shared ownership of a single claim. Scrappy tomboy, Tillie Maguire, her irascible Pap, a shady lady, a naive dandy, a suave gambler, and the run away wife, Smidgen Jones, all sought gold, silver, and copper, and the payload wascomedy in this rollicking melodrama. Our fast and funny Vaudeville Acts followed close on "Tillies" heels provided a full evening of family entertainment. Written and directed by Jonn Jorgensen.


"Otherwise Engaged"

      A pair of bickering aristocrats arrived for a much anticipated country holiday to discover their hostess was missing. Romance and hilarity erupted when the two were mistaken as servants by the other guests, setting the stage for a weekend of bad weather, bad manners, and badminton--with love lurking just around the corner. Added with another dose of our Vaudeville Acts, highlighting the music and comedy of yesteryear this made for an engaging evening for all! Written and directed by Jonn


"I Hate Hamlet"

      TV star Andrew Rally had a hit show, a beautiful girlfriend, and a chance to play the ultimate Shakespearean role, Prince Hamlet, in Central Park. However, his show was cancelled, his lady love had him in a romantic holding pattern, and he lacked the passion (and perhaps the talent) to tackle the Bard's tragic Dane. An impromtu seance summoned the ghost of the legendary Hamlet, John Barrymore, and soon the departed but devoted lush and womanizer began his "spirited" instruction of the reluctant Andrew. This delightful Paul Rudnik comedy was truly "out of this world"! Directed by Jonn Jorgensen


 D.J. Gommels and Joyce Allison pose after a special Opera House Theatre "Thank You" performance.

Joyce Allison & D.J. Gommels


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