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"The Girl in the Freudian Slip"


A staid New York psychiatrist has a fashion artist for a wife, a perceptive seventeen year old for a daughter, a social lion bachelor/author for a friend, a wildly hung up young man as his principle patient and a former patient (for his Achilles heel) capable of leading the doctor astray!  See how he maneuvers the situation without “the couch” and “structural analysis” to hide behind.  As these tempting moments unfold, you’ll laugh out loud and often!  Written by William F. Brown and directed by Colleen Watson.  Suggested mature audiences.



Every day is St. Pat’s day with a wee bit o’ cheer at the “Pig and Whistle”.  Journey across the waters as our cast gets caught up in Irish humor and music in their favorite local Irish pub.  You are not required to sing along, but you may want to! We return to traditional Vaudeville in act two with our fantastically funny frolics, hilarity and hijinks mingled with music and a favorite or two.  Your passport to wonderful family fun!

"Is it Hot?"


In September of 1953 Sylvia Smith asked, “Is it hot?”  And so, with a bang and a hot flash, The Change trumped The Cold War in the Smith residence.  What happens when “The Menopause” meets The Nuclear Family in the 1950s?  How does Sylvia’s husband of 25 years hold up? What about her best friend, Eleanor? Not to mention the teenage son and college bound daughter.  In the hands of Montana playwright David Mills-Low, the answer includes laughter and tears, frozen vegetables and Vienna sausages!

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