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provides housing for our summer artists. To date, we have been able to offer each actor a private room with a double bed. Everything is furnished with the exception of towels and personal items. Visiting actors are encouraged to bring a favorite pillow or blanket. Housing is provided for the duration of rehearsal and production.

housing is available for rent during the rest of the year. Main housing has, at this time, 6 bedrooms, 2 baths, a laundry room, common kitchen, dining and lounging areas. Perfect for families and groups that wish to have the comfort to cook and relax while they explore, hike, fish, ski Discovery, sapphire hunt, shop and enjoy all that Philipsburg and the surrounding area has to offer.

If you wish to experience the charm of staying in the historic Opera House Theatre please contact us for rates and availability.



Sunset in Philipsburg


Living Room

Common Area

Dining Area





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