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Wish List

The Opera House Theatre, listed on the National Register of Historic Buildings, requires an incredible
amount of maintenance and restoration.

To that end, we are in constant need of a variety of materials. The Opera House Theatre Company while housed in the oldest theatre
in Montana, is the youngest summer theatre company and consequently has many needs for its production. The following is a wish list, if you see anything on here you would like to contribute or donate, we would be delighted to hear from you.

Musical Instruments
Fabric (all types, colors and prints)
Ribbons, Trims, Sequence etc…
Costumes (period and other)
Costume Jewelry, Hats, gloves etc…
Prop Items (all types)
Furniture (early 1900’s - only two sides need to be in good shape)
(i.e. tables, love seat, chairs, etc…)
Old Sheet Music (photo copies, great!)
Materials for set building
(i.e. lumber, paint, wallpaper, plywood…)
Video equipment
Lighting equipment
Sound equipment
Pluming and electrical supplies
Table Saw
Dust collector
Wood clamps, wood tools, metal tools all types
Paper and office supplies
A financial gift, of any size, greatly appreciated

But Mostly, we wish for your Visitation!